Food Tips

  • Discuss foods that are traditional to the areas you are visiting. If possible, have them sample some of the foods before the trip.
  • Some students have strong food likes and dislikes. Discuss with them what alternatives they have planned for times they do not like the food.
  • Caution students about the need to use bottled water in some areas. In some countries there may not be a need to use bottled water.
  • Talk about how they will find places to eat or buy food in each area you visit. In some countries, students may find supermarkets have prepackaged food that is very economical or students may buy supermarket goods together and make sandwiches and share fruit, chips and cookies.
  • Ask students to declare any food allergies they have and help them research which dishes in the countries you visit might have those foods.
  • Some restaurants have international menus. Students should know to ask when they go to the restaurant. If the restaurant does not, the phrase book comes in very handy. Students should be aware that foods with the same name may not be what we serve in the United States. One of us had a surprise in Germany when the meatloaf turned out to be pressed loaf with different types of meat and animal parts rather than a baked ground beef dish.
  • Encourage students to budget for meals. They may want to have a bit extra for one or two special meals.

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