Packing Tips

  • International carriers often allow one suitcase per ticket and one carry-on item.
  • Suitcases with wheels help with walks from stations to hotels, etc.
  • Review the itinerary to determine if any special clothes are needed. For example, will female students need skirts to enter churches you may tour or is there a special event that will require business attire?
  • Be sure to include a basic first aid kit.
  • Websites such as www.RickSteves,com offer packing lists that are very helpful.
  • Limit travelers to one suitcase and one backpack. Traveling on trains and buses with luggage is not easy. The travelers should be able to comfortably carry, lift onto and keep control of luggage on a bus or train, lift it over their heads to put on upper racks in public transportation, and lift and carry it up flights of stairs in hotels (some do not have elevators).The traveler should be encouraged to carry the packed suitcases up and own steps BEFORE they actually leave for the trip.
  • A travel clothesline and some pins will come in handy. A travel clothesline has Velcro tabs on the ends so that you can attach it to a hanging bar, a window latch, a suitcase handle, the back of a chair, etc. A small amount of laundry soap will be helpful for washing underclothes and light items in the bathroom sink. Another helpful item is a microfiber towel. Wrap the clothes in it after washing and wring the water out. The towel dries quickly.
  • Washcloths are not often provided in European hotels. You may want to pack two and some zip close bags to transport damp ones.

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